Water Heater Rentals In Toronto

Many people don’t even know if they own or rent the water heater in their home until they need to replace it. Whether you own or rent yours you can count on Novel care to help when it comes time to replace it. We have been providing water heater rentals in Toronto for over 30 years.

We know that hot water on demand is something we’re lucky to have here in Canada, but it’s also something that many of us take for granted. We offer water heater rental options because we want our customers to know that if something ever goes wrong with their water heater or if it ever needs replacing, we’re here to help.

We take care of the disposal of your existing water heater and will install a new rental unit all within the cost off your low monthly fee. We will also always be on call to help if something goes wrong with your unit, so you will never be without hot water for more than a few hours.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for a free rental water heater pricing estimate: 416-921-0000

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Homeowners throughout Toronto and the GTA rely on their water heaters every single day to provide hot water and comfort for them and their families, but many of them don’ t even know if they’re renting a water heater or if they own their water heater. When it comes time to replace or repair a water heater it’s important to know if you’re renting or you own your water heater. A water heater is one of the most utilized appliances in any home that most people never think about. At Novel Care we don’t think you should ever have to think about your water heater because you’ve already got enough things on your mind.

The reliability of your hot water shouldn’t be something you ever have to think about, which is why Novel Care provides high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters to residents throughout Toronto and the GTA. If you ask us renting a water heater is a much better choice than buying one for a number of good reasons, which amount to more than just pricing.

Save Money By Renting A Water Heater

By renting a water heater you don’t have to worry about additional costs that can pop up from time to time. These cost include things like:

  • Installation Fees: Only licensed and experienced HVAC technicians or should install your hot water heater.
  • Diagnostic Fees: When something goes wrong with your water heater there are initial charges just to have someone come to your home to take a look and find out what’s wrong.
  • Labour Costs: In addition to the diagnostic fees to find the problem with your water heater, now a technician has to spend time fixing the problem.
  • The Cost of Parts: On top of finding and fixing the problem you’ll also be billed for the necessary replacement parts.

Overall, when something goes wrong the charges can build up quite quickly. Breakdowns aren’t something that can be anticipated either, which means they can happen at times where you don’t have the money to spend on repairs, parts and labour.

Save Time By Renting A Water Heater

If you own your water heater and something goes wrong you’ll have to spend time on the phone and waiting at home for an HVAC repair technician to come to your home. It might not seem like it but by renting a water heater with Novel Care you can save lots of time if something goes wrong. Novel Care technicians fully support all rental water heaters and provide fast and high-quality service so you don’t have to waste any time if something goes wrong.

  • We’ll fix your water heater the same day it breaks down.
  • Our dispatchers will provide you with an accurate time to expect one of our technicians to come by.
  • You won’t have to worry about finding a reputable and experienced HVAC technician.
  • You won’t have to worry about going to the bank to ensure you can pay for the repairs because by renting a water heater with Novel Care everything is covered in your monthly fee.

Renting A Water Heater Is Stress Free

Simply put by renting a water heater you don’t have to worry about break downs, replacement parts, labour or anything else. All you have to do is call Novel Care when something goes wrong and we take care of the rest.

For more information about renting a water heater with Novel Care call or email us at 416-921-0000 or info@novelcare.ca. With over 30 years of experience serving Toronto, York Region and the rest of the GTA we’re known for providing great pricing and service for all of our services including water heater rentals.

If you rent a water heater then you’ve never experienced the financial stress of having to deal with a burst water heater that’s not only damaged everything within striking distance, but also needs replacing. A burst water heater is of course at the end of the spectrum in terms of the worst thing that can happen to a water heater, but it’s something to consider when you’re deciding whether to buy or rent a water heater.

To Buy or Rent a Water Heater

It always feels good to outright own something rather than renting it, but that hold more true for things like cars, trucks, homes, condos and other big items that better reflect who you are and are a big part of your lifestyle. While you rely on your water heater every single day to provide you with warm water for washing fruit, showering, washing your hands, and a variety of other things a water heater isn’t something to be proud of and show off to your friends and family. This might be the simplest reason that buying a water heater doesn’t make sense, but it’s important to understand all aspect of the situation prior to making a decision.

When you own your water heater there are a number of things that can go wrong with it as time passes and if you’re the owner you’re responsible for finding a technician and getting it fixed. When you rent a water heater from a reputable and professional company like Novel Care the only call you have to make in the event of a problem is Novel Care. It’s that simple.

When you own a water heater and it breaks down due to an irreparable issue then you’re on the hook to pay for a replacement one. When you rent a water heater from Novel Care and it breaks down with an irreparable problem Novel Care will replace it under your contract with them. If you car breaks down and can’t be repaired you’re responsible for replacing it because you own it and since renting a car long-term doesn’t make financial sense owning or at the very least leasing a car is the best financial choice. By comparison renting a water heater is a really great deal! What other industry or company will provide you with such an expensive piece of equipment for such a low monthly fee and take all the responsibility when something goes wrong with it?

Overall, it makes much more sense to rent a water heater instead of buying it. Not only do you get peace of mind, but you won’t be breaking the bank if something goes wrong.

For more information about water heater rentals or to rent a water heater contact Novel Care today: 416-921-0000.