Furnace Protection Plan

One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace has the care and service that it needs year round is through the Novel Care Furnace Protection Plan. This plan provides you with the peace of mind that you will never have to pay for a large repair or any other type of maintenance service if your furnace ever breaks down or just needs maintenance.

Novel Care has over 30 years of experience ensuring that furnaces in Toronto and throughout the GTA have the maintenance they need to operate efficiently and reliably year round. For older furnaces the Novel Care furnace protection plan provides the peace of mind that home owners want when it comes to an expensive and important HVAC appliance like a furnace.

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If you’re living in Toronto and the GTA, you already know things can get expensive fast. Whether it’s the cost of gas going up, your favourite restaurant raising its prices, or a few things that need upgrading around your home, saving money isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty stressful. To make matters worse, unexpected repairs can drain your savings in the blink of an eye. That’ why many homeowners turn to a furnace protection plan to ensure they’re covered.

Since no one really thinks about their furnace until something breaks, it’s important to plan ahead. Having a Furnace Protection Plan in place reduces the risk of large expensive repairs.

What Is A Furnace Protection Plan?

The simple explanation is that it’s a security blanket. If your furnace stops working in the middle of winter or needs certain repairs due to wear and tear, a Furnace Protection Plan will handle it. No charge or expensive bill to deal with. It’s easy and gives you a bit more peace of mind knowing your furnace is protected. And so is your wallet.

Is it worth it?

If you’re weighing your options about whether or not you should invest in a Furnace Protection Plan, here are some things to consider. After all, you should never just buy something without actually thinking about all the pros and cons.


  • Less stress
  • Costs less than replacements

A Furnace Protection Plan is a very good way to cover all your bases, so to speak. First off, the cost of repairs, labour, and any replacement parts are completely included. That can make a big difference depending on when you need repairs. After all, winter is a time of spending money around the holidays and playing things a bit more frugal in the New Year. Most people don’t have the money to pay for repairs that pop up, but winter is the time furnaces are used more often and can break down. A Furnace Protection Plan can save you the headache of dealing with the cost of repairs.


  • Is this something I need?
  • My furnace is in good shape

For those of you living in Toronto and the GTA, you know the value in keeping as much of your money as possible. Things are expensive and no one has money to just buy what they don’t need. With that said, it can be hard to imagine a scenario where investing in a Furnace Protection Plan is a good idea – especially if you’ve never had any trouble with your furnace. While your luck may be good right now, do you really want to leave your home’s heating to chance? When a furnace goes down, it’s more of a hassle than you think if you’re not protected. Finding a quality professional to make repairs is hard enough, but finding the money to pay them is an unwanted challenge. Plus you have to find this fairly fast to avoid pipes freezing in winter too. Remember, luck eventually runs out, so it pays to think ahead and stay protected with a Furnace Protection Plan.

Where Can I Get A Furnace Protection Plan?

In Toronto and the GTA you’ll find a bunch of self-claimed professionals willing to offer you help. Finding the best, and avoiding the rest, isn’t easy. With 30 years of experience though, Novel Care is a name you can trust. Our experts are dedicated to doing quality work efficiently. That’s why we’re confident in our ability to offer Furnace Protection Plans, which includes a 22-point annual inspection at no additional charge. By performing maintenance once a year, we’ll be able to see the condition of your furnace, and make suggestions before things go wrong.

From pilot burners to thermostats, we’ve seen and handled it all. Rest assured, a Furnace Protection Plan with Novel Care is something keeps you covered all year. Contact us for more information at 416-921-0000 today! We’ll take care of your furnace, so you stay warm all winter, no matter what.

With plenty of winter still ahead, you’ll want something to help ensure you have peace of mind as the temperature continues to drop. No matter how good your furnace may be, it never hurts to have a backup plan if things go sideways unexpectedly. After all, when you know an expense is coming, it’s easier to plan for. On the other hand, surprises can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Good thing there are companies like Novel Care offering a solution to this in the form of Furnace Protection Plan.

Is a Furnace Protection Plan a Good Investment?

Some people might be thinking twice about paying a yearly fee for this service. That’s good! You should never just blindly buy into something without giving it some thought first. This isn’t a pack of gum you’re buying. It requires you to weigh the pros and cons.

Furnace Protection: Pros

  • Peace of mind
  • Eliminate surprise repair costs

The pros are pretty obvious while the cons are a bit more about testing your luck. Consider this. Having a Furnace Protection Plan keeps you covered in the event something goes wrong. That means if it’s the middle of winter and your furnace can’t keep up with the added stress of being used more often, someone can assess the situation and repair it without any charge to you. Think about that for a second. When’s the last time you got a surprise that cost more than it should? It probably made you feel pretty overwhelmed. Nothing’s worse than always thinking about “what if this breaks down” or “how much will this cost to fix?”. These can be stressors in your life you just don’t need. Especially with your furnace. Your furnace should be something that is always ready to go when you NEED it. Not sometimes. Not only on weekends. 24/7 at your request. That’s what a Furnace Protection Plan can help with.

Furnace Protection Plan: Cons

  • Do I need it?
  • I haven’t had any problems so far

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the cons. Some cynics might be thinking “my furnace works pretty well, thank you very much” or “why would I pay for something that isn’t broken?”. Both are 100% valid. Investing in Furnace Protection isn’t something you might actually need every year you pay for it. You might not even need it at all for the first couple years. A Furnace Protection Plan is there to shield you from those times you DO need it. Those times when things go wrong and a repairman is looking at you to pay a bill you don’t have the money for around the holidays, or even in the new year. Those expensive bills that just hit you like a ton of bricks. Sometimes it’s good to be prepared and avoid moments like that. Especially when you have a family to think about. Not only do you want them to stay warm against the harsh Toronto winter, but you also want that peace of mind for yourself to know everything is covered, always.

So, What is a Furnace Protection Plan Anyway?

A Furnace Protection Plan is something that would help protect you from unexpected repairs that may occur during those winter months. While other companies may be different, Novel Care offers full coverage of repairs, labour, and any parts that need replacing. Plus, our experts will perform a free 22-point inspection once a year to make sure we stay ahead of any troubles that might be coming up.

After providing furnace installation, maintenance, and repair services for over 30 years, we’re confident in recommending a Furnace Protection Plan to our customers. Leave the stress of keeping your furnace in working order to the professionals. We’ve handled thermostat troubles, pilot burner problems, furnace replacements and much more. Full list of everything we cover in our Furnace Protection Plan or just contact us at 416-921-0000. Our experts are always available to help out, so plan ahead and stay cozy this season.