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The red-hot Toronto housing market has been in the news a lot lately with first time buyers, investors and many other people looking to get in on the action. One of our customers, a new investor, recently bought a new house and in the midst of renovating it in order to flip it he realized that financially it didn’t make sense to install central air conditioning, but ductless installation made the most sense.

Ductless Installation For A House Flip

Doug called us and explained his situation. He told us that he was in the middle of his renovation. He wanted to save the existing boiler in the home, because it wasn’t that old. He wanted to save space by not adding duct work, and go with a big open concept design. He’s very handy and has a good understanding of heating and cooling options, so he asked us for a recommendation for a high-efficiency low-cost option for ductless installation.

One of our Novel Care technicians came to Doug’s work site once he had the drywall up and everything painted. We surveyed the layout and made recommendations for a ductless installation based on the size of the space. There are numerous options for great ductless products from companies like Panasonic and Daikin that all fell within his budget, so we helped Doug narrow it down to the best option for the main floor, and then two more units for the upper floor ductless installation. One for the master bedroom and en-suite and another for the hallway, which would easily provide cooling for the two other bedrooms and the bathroom.

The Ease Of Ductless Installation

We scheduled a ductless installation date that worked with Doug’s construction schedule, so our technician wouldn’t interrupt or slow down his work. We understand that timelines are important when it comes to flipping a house, and each additional day of construction can mean added costs. Our technician was in and out of Doug’s construction site within a few days, and shortly after his house was up for sale featuring a new ductless installation that worked seamlessly with his renovation style and décor.

Ductless Installation By Novel Care

Novel Care has been handling ductless air conditioner installations for contractors, homeowners and business owners throughout Toronto and the rest of the GTA for over 35 years. For more information about some of our ductless installation products visit our ductless page. Also, feel free to give us a call at 416-921-0000 or fill out the online booking form.