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Heating a home on those especially cold winter nights isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy, which in turn leads to a spike in your monthly bill. But what’s the alternative, freezing? Of course not. While the easy answer is to say you need a new furnace, boiler, or heat pump, that’s just not always a reality. For most of us, a $2,000 (minimum) expense isn’t something we can just put on our credit cards or pay off immediately. And, what if there is a draft coming in from one of your windows? Not all of us know how to seal it, and paying a handyman isn’t ideal. Luckily, there are some improved heating hacks we can share
that will help you get through the winter and make those repairs in the coming
spring and summer.

Do It Yourself Improved Heating Hacks

Ceiling fans

This is probably the easiest improved home heating hack there is. If you have a fan in your home, you’re in luck! Throw that sucker in reverse. Of course, it won’t suddenly blow hot air instead, but it will help pull any warm air that might be trapped up along the ceiling down to you.


Those thick bear skin rugs you see couples always spooning on in the movies might be cheesy, but they actually work. Don’t run out and buy one exactly like it. Just as any carpet or rug will do in common areas of your home, you’d like a bit warmer.


Just like weatherstripping, draft stoppers are something you can buy (or make) to help eliminate hot air from escaping under your home’s doors. It usually consists of a tube-shaped cloth that spans the length of the bottom of your door and is filled with different styles of insulated materials. You could also just hack it and roll up a blanket to fit along the bottom of your door too.


This improved heating hack is not only better for you, but it’s easy too. Running the stove or oven to make meals saves on the cost of dining out as well as produces excess heat for your home. Think about it: that’s why people don’t like cooking in the summer. Time to use this tip to your advantage.

Dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

Doing the laundry can give off a bit of heat as well. Plus, clothes come out toasty warm if you need a boost of heat while you’re binging Netflix. And did you know that even when your dishwasher is half full, it still uses less water than if you were to do it by hand? Keep your clothes and dishes clean by running these appliances a bit more often in the winter.


While it’s always nice to let the sun in during the day, it can actually help warm your home a bit. Be sure to close them at night, though. Better yet, if you have a bit of a budget, you could always check out insulated curtains.

Not Enough Improved Heating Hacks?

Call Novel Care Obviously, doing it yourself is a creative way to get through especially cold nights, but it’s important to be safe. If you ever need emergency repair service, call 416-921-0000 anytime. We’re available 24/7 and can be there within hours of a problem to assess the situation. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you.  

Upgrades to your home are an important investment in Toronto and the GTA. That’s why it’s important to remember to know what you’re buying. Take a look below to get a bit more familiar with the pros and cons of ductless heating and air conditioning before searching for the right person to install the unit in your home.

Getting Started

Ductless heating and air conditioning is a good option if you’re looking to control the temperature of a given area of your home only. Designed for smaller homes, these spot cooling units work best at reducing the amount of energy used, keeping bills noticeably lower in the long-term. However, it’s important to remember that these are ideal for areas of your home only. To heat or cool a larger home could see your costs increase to include additional units.

What make these a good investment has to do with the makeup of your home. Instead of the central air conditioning option, ductless avoids the use of vents and duct systems. This is good for you since the energy being lost in ductwork can be as high as 30%, which mean higher bills. Also, the better insulated your home is, the better ductless heating and air conditioning can perform, just like with a boiler and radiator system. The energy being used to heat or cool a room isn’t wasted, which helps keep bills lower for you.

Top Ductless Heating And Air Conditioning Brands

Once you’ve decided to choose ductless over the central option, you’ll want to know which brands stand out from the rest. Take a look above at what some of the top companies have to offer. Each one has a nice variety of models to choose from, and quality craftsmanship that are worth investing in.

There are a lot of factors to consider, and blindly recommending one model over another without knowing the conditions of your home isn’t the best way to go about making upgrades that are ideal. Contacting the right professional can go a long way in making the choice that’s right for your home, and your budget.

HVAC Professionals In Toronto & The GTA

To avoid faulty installations or inflated prices, it’s crucial to find the right professional for the job of installing your ductless heating and air conditioning system.

Novel Care has spent over 30 years serving Toronto and the GTA. Our dedicated team has performed countless installations, and even answered maintenance calls in the middle of the night when emergencies occur. Feel free to contact us at 416-921-0000, and we’d be more than happy to work with you. We understand the value of customer service, and take pride in helping you find the right solution for your heating and cooling needs.