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Winter is finally over and it’s officially time to start thinking about getting your air conditioner ready for summer with AC repair and tune up services. When the first hot day attacks Toronto the last thing you want is to switch on your air conditioner only to find out that it doesn’t work, or isn’t working properly.

When your air conditioner sits idle all winter long sticks, leaves and other debris end up inside, on top and all around it, and as a result a small bit of maintenance and repair can go a long way. While Novel Care has the fastest service response times in Toronto and the GTA even we get busy during the hot summer months, which is why it’s important to schedule an AC repair visit sooner than later. There are something you can take care of as a homeowner prior to your regularly scheduled Novel Care service appointment. Here are 5 tips that can help get your air conditioner ready for summer.

  1. Filters: When it comes to AC repair this is one of the easiest things that can be done. Cleaning and replacing your furnace or air-handler filter whenever it’s dirty and especially prior to turning on your air conditioner will unblock any restricted airflow.
  2. Condenser Coils: Central air conditioner condenser coils are in the large unit outside of your home. Overtime and over the winter this unit can gather debris in, on top, and around it and keeping it clear of all debris is important. Essentially, anything that obstructs the airflow reduces the efficiency. Unless you’re completely comfortable dismantling and cleaning your air conditioning unit this might be best left to a professional HVAC technician.
  3. External Debris: Cleaning out he inside is important but also clearing debris from around your unit can improve it’s efficiency. Ensuring that there are no trees, shrubs, bricks, or anything else piled up near your unit is essential to its efficiency.
  4. Coolant Lines: Refrigerant tubes or pipes that run from the evaporator to the air handler (typically covered in foam) should be inspected. Ensure that all tubes are properly insulated and if not replace the insulation. Energy loss can occur through exposed areas in coolant lines.
  5. Test 1, 2 3: Once there have been a number of dry days where the unit doesn’t have any moisture it’s time to turn on your unit and test it out. If your unit isn’t running properly then your Novel Care AC Repair technician will be able to fix it. Not to worry steps 1 – 4 haven’t been a waste as they make it much easier for a technician to work on your unit.

Don’t wait until the hot day of summer are upon us to get your air conditioner ready to go. For more information about AC repair and booking an appointment contact Novel Care today: 416-921-0000