Equipment Rentals: Water Heaters & More

Novel Care in Toronto takes care of all your HVAC needs including equipment rental. When it comes to water heater rentals and water heater rental services you can count on us.

Novel Care has over 30 years of experience with equipment rentals and water heater rentals in Toronto. That means we’ve got the knowledge and experience to properly install, repair and service your water heater rental. When it comes time for a replacement we’ll handle the removal and disposal of your old water heater and install a brand new and efficient water heater. Check out these great blogs for more information about the water heater rentals and water heater rental services and what Novel Care can do for your home or commercial property

If you rent a water heater then you’ve never experienced the financial stress of having to deal with a burst water heater that’s not only damaged everything within striking distance, but also needs replacing. A burst water heater is of course at the end of the spectrum in terms of the worst thing that can happen to a water heater, but it’s something to consider when you’re deciding whether to buy or rent a water heater.

To Buy or Rent a Water Heater

It always feels good to outright own something rather than renting it, but that hold more true for things like cars, trucks, homes, condos and other big items that better reflect who you are and are a big part of your lifestyle. While you rely on your water heater every single day to provide you with warm water for washing fruit, showering, washing your hands, and a variety of other things a water heater isn’t something to be proud of and show off to your friends and family. This might be the simplest reason that buying a water heater doesn’t make sense, but it’s important to understand all aspect of the situation prior to making a decision.

When you own your water heater there are a number of things that can go wrong with it as time passes and if you’re the owner you’re responsible for finding a technician and getting it fixed. When you rent a water heater from a reputable and professional company like Novel Care the only call you have to make in the event of a problem is Novel Care. It’s that simple.

When you own a water heater and it breaks down due to an irreparable issue then you’re on the hook to pay for a replacement one. When you rent a water heater from Novel Care and it breaks down with an irreparable problem Novel Care will replace it under your contract with them. If you car breaks down and can’t be repaired you’re responsible for replacing it because you own it and since renting a car long-term doesn’t make financial sense owning or at the very least leasing a car is the best financial choice. By comparison renting a water heater is a really great deal! What other industry or company will provide you with such an expensive piece of equipment for such a low monthly fee and take all the responsibility when something goes wrong with it?

Overall, it makes much more sense to rent a water heater instead of buying it. Not only do you get peace of mind, but you won’t be breaking the bank if something goes wrong.

For more information about water heater rentals or to rent a water heater contact Novel Care today: 416-921-0000.